Patrick has been creating art using LEGO┬« bricks and elements for around 15 years now.  The journey and transition from painting with acrylics on canvas to Lego bricks on baseplates was a 'fun' one.  Initially it started with a few portraits for friends and family and soon led to commissioned works.  Patrick has since created 100's of commissioned works of art to clients around the world and teaches and creates workshops for kids of all ages. 

                  Fun simple table top sculptures that get noticed.  Great for small events, trade shows, etc.

We had so much fun on the first trip down to Mazatlan working with the neighborhood kids that we brought more Lego over the Christmas Holiday, check it out.

Recently on a family volunteer trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, we had the opportunity to share LEGO toys with the neighborhood kids!  Not only did the kids enjoy learning how to build and have fun, we took part of helping a family get a home built.  Priceless memories, sharing the love of LEGO as well.